Your city, your way!
Welcome to the feedback system of the City of Rovaniemi! You can give feedback on all services in the City of Rovaniemi. Please note that feedback should not include sensitive information such as personal id-numbers, bank account numbers, health information, etc. In case of urgency, always contact the service provider's emergency numbers by phone.

The City of Rovaniemi has introduced the Trimble Feedback system on December 2, 2019. From now on, all feedback to the City of Rovaniemi will be processed through this system.

The feedback received will be processed within five business days. However, if this is not possible, the first response to the feedback will be given within 5 business days.

The feedback provider can monitor the progress of the process and the status of their feedback on the online service through their personal user account. The city may publish feedback to the public, reducing inquiries about the same issues. All of the feedback provided is, in principle, subject to publication permission, but it will not be published if it contains sensitive information, for example. The decision to publish feedback is made by the feedback handler.

- The feedback should not include sensitive information such as personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, health information, etc.

- Urgent feedback should always be provided by telephone directly to the service or emergency number of the service provider concerned.

- If you would like a personal response to your feedback, please provide your telephone number or email address and select the appropriate option under "Request for contact". Please also check that "Request for contact" is checked. Please note that an email reply may be redirected to the spam box.

- For the purpose of feedback and follow-up, please provide relevant location information as accurately as possible on the map of the service, especially in environmental feedback.

- The feedback system is primarily intended for handling feedback to the city. The system does not allow you to submit documents to the city, pay city bills, make proposals for actions, or book reception times.